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Cork insulation

Does your home suffer from damp, mould and cold walls, would you like to lower your energy bills?

CorkSol SprayCork is the ideal solution for internal wall problems.

SprayCork could be the ideal answer in helping to create a healthier living environment within your home while making it more energy-efficient

Recent Case Study

Corksol solving problems with damp, cold and mould in a tower block.


Black mould is rife in these flats but especially at ceiling and floor level and around the window reveals


The flat has remained totally clear of damp, condensation and mould; the internal temperature is warmer and more stable.

EPS your trusted local wall specialists are pleased  to announce they will be soon offering Corksol to both commercial properties and homeowners in Guernsey

As a natural product cork is breathable and has great thermal properties so can be used internally to solve issues with dampness and unhealthy mould.

After careful masking, we install a thin layer of spray-applied natural cork, one of the world’s most incredible and sustainable natural resources. 

The cork can be left as a natural finish or we can apply it pigmented in various colours.

It can also be skimmed with lime or gypsum plaster

At a later date if you wish it can be overcoated with any interior paint giving you the freedom to decorate over it as you please.

Corksol is a sustainable and breathable natural product.

Corksol Forms a seamless air-tight, insulating thermal layer, improving the energy efficiency of walls

Corksol is Hygroscopic this helps regulate relative humidity, keeping damp in check and providing a healthier living environment inside the home

Corksol is Fire-resistant with a Euro-class B safety rating

The final coating is only 6-8mm thick so no need to worry about replacing fixtures and sockets etc.

You are left with an invisible solution that mould or damp cannot form on

To find out more about this natural insulator visit our manufacturers

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Over 25 years experience

EPS are specialist exterior wall renovation experts. Having refurbished all different wall types in all stages of disrepair on thousands of homes over the last 25 years EPS has gained vast knowledge and expertise in this area.

Utilising our experience & reputation for quality we offer home owners an affordable alternative to the chore of constant painting and upkeep of their exterior walls.

We do not employ sales people. All surveying is undertaken by our own qualified operatives, some of whom undertake the actual “hands on” application of the coating.