About Us

EPS are specialist exterior wall renovation experts. Having refurbished all different wall types in all stages of disrepair on thousands of homes over the last 25 years EPS has gained vast knowledge and expertise in this area.

  • Utilising our experience & reputation for quality we offer homeowners an affordable alternative to the chore of constant painting and upkeep of their exterior walls.
  • We do not employ salespeople. All surveying is undertaken by our own qualified operatives, some of whom undertake the actual “hands-on” application of the coating.
  • We repair, maintain, renovate and paint all manner of wall and masonry surfaces including stone, brick, spar and pebbledash, granite, Manx stone, render, plaster, stucco, pre-fabricated houses, Tyrolean, Harling, masonry and concrete.
  • We are a professional, independent, family-run company with over 25 years of experience in wall coatings, rendering and paint applications for houses and buildings. EPS have integrity and hold strong values with regards to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.
  • We protect, renovate, repair and provide exterior wall and roof maintenance for houses and commercial properties on all three islands. If your property is suffering from any of the following, simply send us an email using our contact page or give us a call on the relevant island number. We can offer you free advice and provide written solutions to solve all your roof and wall problems.

Peeling or cracked paint

If your property looks tired and is suffering from peeling wall paint or cracked wall paint, we can restore your property using our wall repair system. This will bring your property back as good as new and will stay that way for decades (we guarantee it).

Repair Wall Render, Cracked, Loose or Blown Render

If your exterior walls are suffering from cracked, loose or blown render, we can, restore, repair and protect your damaged walls. This will provide a beautiful finish, offer guaranteed protection from penetrating damp and will stay maintenance free for years to come.

Wall Pointing, Re-Pointing, Failed Masonry Pointing

Pointing is the visible edge of the mortar joint between the bricks or stone, which provides an attractive finish and protection against the elements. Defective pointing can lead to further problems such as penetrating damp and loose masonry if left un-repaired.

Pebbledash Repairs

We can repair problems such as loose or cracked pebbledash and even replace pebbledash entirely with one of our wall coating systems, in a wide range of colours and finishes. This will dramatically transform a dull old pebbledash to a beautiful new vibrant finish.

Damp Proofing for Penetrating Damp

Damp can be caused by many different problems, such as deteriorated render, inappropriate use of ‘cement render’ on old buildings, defective pointing or failed damp proof course. Damp is easily diagnosed when you know what to look out for, but solutions vary widely depending on the cause.

Exterior Wall Repairs

The exterior skin of a building whether it be brick, stone, render or paint, is important to the health of the entire structure. Defective exterior walls will result in internal damp, loose masonry, rotting timbers, spalled stone and brick. Very often, prevention is much cheaper than the cure.

Masonry Coatings For New Builds

We can finish off new build properties with one of our wall coating systems, in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Our restoration and coating process – Walls

After a detailed wall survey is undertaken you will be supplied with a written quotation & specification detailing all stages of the application including, the most appropriate means of repair and coating system for your walls.

Once suitable preparatory work has been undertaken our coatings are suitable for all different wall types and surfaces.

The EPS-Protex coating system is a high-performance coating formula developed over 30 years ago to protect & beautify exterior walls for years.

Protex Wall Coatings

To name a few ingredients the formula contains generous amounts of resins, minerals, zinc, titanium oxides & binders to form EPS-Protex, which when high-pressure sprayed onto a suitably prepared surface will literally weld itself to the wall. This creates an impenetrable barrier to the worst weather imaginable, protecting against pollution, UV degradation and penetrating dampness. Available in a wide range of attractive colours and finishes including fine, coarse & standard texture.

The benefits of EPS-Protex to name a few are that is microporous, which will allow walls to breathe. It remains flexible at all temperatures, easily accommodating any pronounced movement within the underlying substrate. It will not embrittle with age. It inhibits the growth of mould & algae. It incorporates the latest Nanotechnology meaning the walls of your home will keep cleaner, looking smarter for much longer than traditional finishes.

Up to 20 times thicker than traditional masonry paints EPS-Protex is guaranteed for up to 10 years (depending upon the type of coating and the surface to which it has been applied to).

Step-by-step guide on the typical application of EPS-Protex wall system:

  • The walls are power washed with water containing strong biochemicals. Applied by pressure onto the existing walls this process disinfects and cleans. It also reveals any damaged render or coating to areas around windows etc.
  • Skilled repairs to defective render is undertaken with polymer modified cements, these repair mortars are just a few of the materials used in the repair work to ensure a perfect homogenous finish.
  • Masking to windows, doors paths etc and surrounding areas is undertaken with great care and skill care is taken to protect plants bushes trees and lawns etc.
  • EPS-Protex bonding primer is applied to the walls without exception, this important stage ensures a chemical bond between all coatings occurs.

Final application of EPS-Protex

Applied by special spray EPS-Protex is applied onto the surface using up to 1000lbs pressure.

EPS also applies a specialist clear coating product EPS-Clearshield which forms an invisible, long lasting protective barrier retaining the appearance of your brick and stone but protecting against water ingress and damage. EPS-Clearshield is also vapour permeable allowing walls to breathe.

EPS-Clearshield also helps to minimise heat loss. A wet damp wall can be up to 40% colder than a dry wall.

Step-by-step guide on the typical application of EPS-Clearshield

  • As with our EPS-Protex wall coating system, all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected by power washing with water containing strong biochemicals.
  • Careful masking of windows etc. is undertaken
  • EPS-Clearshield is applied by low-pressure spray

Our restoration and coating process for Roofs

EPS-Roofguard extends the life of and provides the appearance of a new roof.
It is: