K Rend Refurbishment


Over the last few years, Self-coloured renders have become very popular. Also known as through coloured render finishes such as K-Rend Weber, Sto etc are often applied to newly built houses and commercial buildings and for the refurbishment of older properties

The idea of having a new render system that doesn’t need painting can sound very appealing  

If applied correctly this type of proprietary render which is a pre-coloured ready-made in the bag cement render can be a good choice

Can render finishes such as K rend clean themselves?

Dismiss claims by installers and manufacturers that their render systems are self-cleaning, these claims should be taken with a large “pinch of salt” Mother nature and the test of time will dictate otherwise,

Dirt and algae can quickly spoil that pristine just finished look, the scraped granular texture of the finish can quickly get engrained with dirt.

The drawbacks of through-coloured render systems 

Apart from the aesthetics, the main disadvantage of through-coloured render systems is that they do not patch very well. So if you ever have to repair and patch your through-coloured render, the new render repairs will stand out like a sore thumb. Attempting to clean through-coloured renders by washing them down with a jet power wash can easily result in damage and marking of the render.

Cracking and delamination problems with self-coloured renders

One of the most serious problems is that small hairline cracks can develop on the surface of the render. Even the smallest of cracks can allow copious amounts of rain into the render, this water can then freeze and expand which results in the cracks becoming bigger, if left unchecked this can lead to the total premature failure of the render.

Blown self-coloured render
Blown Render

Refurbishment and protection of through coloured render

So what can be done to ensure your modern self-coloured render system will continue to protect the walls of your home and look nice and tidy?

EPS Flexcote

Will transform the walls of your house back to their former beauty

EPS offer a complete refurbishment service for all through coloured render systems.

After thorough preparation, the render is treated with EPS Flexcote, which is a purpose-made product formulated specifically for all types of self-coloured renders. The coating is elastomeric which means it can accommodate any pronounced movement within the render without cracking. 

EPS Flexcote is available in all the colours of the main render manufacturers for a perfect match. Or if you fancy a change it can also be made in lots of other colours

EPS Flexcote provides a more even, uniform finish and fills in some of the deep textures helping to reduce dirt retention.

EPS Flexcote provides an efficient cost-effective solution to tired-looking render finishes. Due to the high quality of the coating and its opacity, It is also self-priming so the application can be undertaken with a minimum of fuss

EPS Flexcote contains integral fungicides to repel and discourage the future formation of moss and algae growth

EPS Flexcote can be easily washed down without the worry of damaging or marking the render. 

EPS Flexcote application process

Carefully wash down and disinfect the render to gently remove algae, lichen and dirt.

Inspect render for any cracks or other defects, repair as required.

Mask and protect windows etc. 

Apply EPS Flexcote to the walls 

De-mask to reveal the true beauty and the transformation of your home’s walls

If you are interested in protecting and restoring the looks of your self-coloured render with our

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