Insulated External Coating

Give your tired-looking walls new kerb appeal and help lower your energy bills with

Protex-Perlite-Textured Wall Coating

About a third of all the heat lost in an uninsulated home escapes through the walls. 

Solid walls (usually pre-1920s build) can be technically difficult and very expensive to insulate 

Our range of Protex exterior coatings includes a system that can help insulate the exterior walls of all house types. 

Protex-Perlite-Textured Coating is perlite modified, this expanded mineral material is a non-combustible natural breathable insulator, it really can help lower energy bills also it’s a fact that a dry weather-proof wall is a warmer wall.

Energy Efficiency

Up to then times thicker than conventional masonry paints Protex-Perlite-Textured Wall Coating is a great product for both old and new renders.

Protex-perlite-textured helps cover up imperfections, providing a more uniform finish,

Protex-Perlite-Textured Wall Coating will provide the walls of your home with long-lasting insulative protection for decades