Clear-Shield-Water Repellent

EPS Clear-Shield masonry water repellent 

Long-lasting protection against water penetration. EPS Clear-Shield is specially formulated to provide long-term protection against water ingress.

Protecting stone or brick against the weather and mould growth

Suitable for most wall materials brick, stone, lime or cement-pointed masonry

EPS Clear-Shield will provide total protection against even the strongest wind-driven rain.

Solid walls are more prone to water ingress via penetrating damp, although cavity walls can allow water to penetrate into the inner skin if they have been filled with insulation or if the wall ties were bridged with mortar when built.

Preserving stone or brick against costly erosion

The walls of any house are designed to keep you warm and dry, keeping the worst of the weather outside. but over time the materials that walls are built from can erode and break down allowing moisture to enter the property.

Pointing can also break down allowing excessive levels of damp into the home.

If left unchecked water ingress can lead to serious problems such as freeze-thaw frost damage this can exacerbate water ingress by eroding stone or brickwork

Helps to increase the warmth of walls,  saving energy

Particularly beneficial when applied to solid wall-built homes  EPS Clear-Shield will improve the thermal efficiency of walls. Simply put a dry wall is a warmer wall. A wet solid wall will lose more much more heat and cost more in heating bills

Does not stop walls from breathing

Penetrating deep into the masonry and forming a near-invisible film EPS Clear-Shield will repel water. EPS Clear-Shield is vapour permeable allowing moisture within the walls to escape

To the left, the brick has been treated with Clear-Shield

EPS Clear-Shield  Application process

Wash down and disinfect the surface to remove algae,  lichen and other organic growth.

Inspect pointing.

Mask & protect windows and other areas that are not to be treated.

Spray apply two coats of  EPS Clear-Shield.

Once dry EPS Clear-Shield will provide long-lasting protection, shielding your home from the ravages of rain and frost attack 

To find out how EPS Clear-Shield can protect your home why not arrange a free survey