EPS Roof Coating

Our restoration and coating process for roofs

EPS-Roofguard extends the life of and provides the appearance of a new roof.
It is:

  • Weatherproof
  • Highly durable
  • Colourfast
  • Acid rain resistant
  • Resists further moss/lichen growth

Before the EPS-Roofguard process is undertaken a thorough inspection of the roof and if required for your peace of mind photos are taken and any existing damaged tiles are noted in the site notes

The EPS roofing process

  • Replacement of tiles and any necessary re-pointing of hips, pointing of gables, ridges etc. are carried out.
  • After applying a low-pressure sprayed fungicide we then power wash all the roof tile area.
  • Once the roof is cleaned, all the surrounding areas including gutters/house walls and floor areas are power washed clean and debris is removed from the site.
  • After pointing in accurately gauged sand and cement where necessary we carefully mask any dormers or Velux windows. A spray-applied surface primer is then applied to all surfaces of the roof (it is sprayed using a specialist airless spray machine so any overspray atomises into the air)
  • The final application of the roof coat is spray applied, if you wish in a colour similar to the original tile or a colour of your choice (many attractive colours are available)
  • Once the work is completed the coating not only gives it that new look but also protects the roof tiles for a least another 15 years or so.
  • Roofcoat comes with a 10 year guarantee.